Where Europe Ends

Where Europe Ends

About the movie

“Where Europe Ends” is a 50 minutes documentary produced by Romanian Academic Society and Mrakonia Film, with the support of Black Sea Trust and Friederich Ebert Stiftung, on the consequences of EU enlargement on the border areas of EU adjoining countries Moldova and Ukraine.

The DVD comes together with a policy report. You can contact us for a promotional copy.
The year 2007 brought two important developments for the Eastern neighbors of Central European countries. Starting January 1st 2007 Romania entered the European Union and the border between Romania and Moldova became the border between European Union and its East. Starting December 2007 Poland and Slovakia will become part of the Schengen agreement, thus imposing further restrictions to neighbors to the East and South.

These developments have a twofold impact: on countries such as Moldova and Ukraine, whose “defective” transitions already make them weak and implausible EU candidates in the near future, and on minority groups such as Poles, Slovakians and Romanians living in these countries and who were connected by various lifelines to the economies of their mother-countries.

In the particular case of Romania, EU accession was immediately followed by a crisis in the Moldovan-Romanian relations. Nearly 800 000 Moldovans allegedly have applied to Romanian citizenship, making Moldovan authorities fear the country will be emptied of citizens. Moldovans already have more than half their workforce abroad. Temporary visas to Moldovans by Romanian authorities were also granted with considerable difficulty, leading swiftly to queues of thousands and corruption of the granting authorities. Border trade and temporary jobs were disrupted, affecting countless people in Moldova and Ukraine. Despite the problem being known from previous accessions there was little preparation for a softer landing.
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